Dr Vedarth Dash is a highly skilled Pediatric Surgeon. He has trained in apex institutes of the field and has gained immense experience in the management of the entire range of surgical conditions in children. During his training he has shown special interest in bowel and bladder problems of children and has published many international papers on the subject. He does his own analysis of urological conditions and urodynamic studies.

He has had extensive exposure to minimally invasive surgeries during his basic surgical training that have helped him to establish a firm grounding in modern surgical techniques. His laparoscopy, thoracoscopic and vesicoscopic skills have been further honed during his tenure at PGIMER , Chandigarh under the tutelage of pioneers in the field. He is an expert in Neonatal surgical intensive care, being competent in performing the necessary clinical procedures. He provides continuous monitoring with a high level of care for all his patients. He is abreast with the latest research and makes his practice evidence based. He is involved in ongoing medical education through digital platforms, conferences and clinical meets, actively participating in publications and presentations.

Dr Vedarth, has received various awards in the field of surgery. He was awarded the best undergraduate in general surgery during his bachelor's degree. He went on to receive the gold medal in surgery during his post graduate training at Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore. He has been awarded the prestigious Purushottam-Upadhyay Award for the best junior research paper by the Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons for his publication on bladder problems in children.


Life member, Association of Surgeons of India
Life Member, Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeon.


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